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Welcome to Plunkett Production. We offer a wide variety of Video and Photography Packages. You can just sit relax and enjoy as our photography and movies come alive for you.

The Temple movie Premier

The LOOP–161-B Woodford Ave. Plainville, CT

November 1 201( Saturday)

As seen on FOX CT AND WCCT!

We will start the conversation on how much we cost. Our prices start at $50 per hour and per Cameraman for movie footage or photography labor. Prints and DVDS sold seperately. (It is recomemened two cameramen per movie shoot) phone: 860-984-1828

Movie Premiere has been post - poned til October.

Location of Premiere has been changed due to irreconcilable diferences in transactions and unfair changes to original agreement with Wild Bills Nostalgia.

Movie shoot,actor/actress autographs and press coverage
Starring: Lauren Bowden Tristan Johnson Austin S. Girven Mange Vorhees (Death Church), Tim Proctor, Frankie TysonMatt Mills(Pro Strongman competitor)Charles Monte Raymond Maldonado Inga Alexeeva Sensory Perception and 5 senses of fear. Joe Von T(5th Avenue Vampires a)Jessica Elba Honeybee Bonilla Elijah JacobsGayle Lefton Clark( Gayle's Depot Square Farm Shoppe) CT Sirens models Jaime Lynn Hannah Marie Keri Marie Carlson etc. Locations: Another Farm, Village of Little People, Best Western .

Background Art:
Sean & Ashlie Nelson(United States) , goffaux denis(Yvoir, Belgium),Wayne,Aziz Natour from Isreal. The Temple By Michele Plunkett

Music: Kris Keyes Strange Elements
5th Avenue Vampires
Movie Producer and Director Michele Plunkett, Author, The Temple By Michele Plunkett
more to be listed.


The Temple movie has invited Joe Von T from 5th Avenue Vampires to play a a leading role as the dark and sinister Monk Netivia. He has added his band song "Fear Me" to the movies Sound-track. Music video is currently being pieced together


Kris Keyes has added his song "Giant" to The Temples Sound-track. The music video will be put together in September.


The walking dead model Elijah Star Jacobs of GMI clothing has made his way back to The movie "The Temple". His performance in the short has earned him recognition for not only his acting, but his ability to do make up. His Character is Prince Fasio. He is mostly well known for his outlandish controversial stunts in public. He is so controversial that images of him are banned in countries like Pakistan.

Professional Strong Man competitor, Matt Mills of Lightning Fitness plays an action packed role as a murderous gargoyle in the Feature Film "The Temple"

Current issues with transportation between actors and directors has delayed the
movie project but Michele Plunketts determination still pushes forward with the movie. The estimated time of release has changed to June 14 2014.

Lead Actress Star Lauren Bowden Who has been recruited as a model in playboy.

Tristan Johnson

Tim Proctor

Mange Voorhees from Death Church

Inga Alexeeva and Austin S Girvin



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Music by

Fifth Avenue Vampires

Kris Keyes and Strange Elements